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1. A Book: Excellence in Aging, for Men: Twelve Strategies 

You may read and/or download the 2000 revision of the following previously published books:

2. Emotional Literacy; Intelligence with a Heart  (Originally appeared as Achieving Emotional Literacy, an Avon book in 1997) Purchase paper back or Kindle version from

3. The Other Side of Power (Originally appeared as a Grove Press book in 1981)

4. Healing Alcoholism (Originally appeared as a Grove Press book in 1979)

For a complete list of my published books    1. In English click here and go to the bottom of the page. 2. In foreign languages click here.

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Books available in print: 

1. 2003 RE-EDITION OF ACHIEVING EMOTIONAL LITERACY. Now with a new title: Emotional Literacy; Intelligence with a Heart, Personhood Press . Purchase hard copy or Kindle version from 

2. Scripts People Live, Purchase hard copy from

Italian, Spanish, German Italian and French editions available. Write me for terms.

3. Games Alcoholics Play. Purchase hard copy from

4. The Original Warm Fuzzy Tale. Purchase hard copy from

5. When a Man Loves a Woman Write me for terms.

Audiotape: Ninety minute cassette recording: Achieving Emotional Literacy. Simon and Schuster. Write me for terms.

Videotape: One hour videotape "Transactional Analysis and Emotional Literacy Training".Write me for terms.

DVD/CD: A two disk set. Disk One (DVD): A two day Emotional Literacy Training group for fourteen people edited down to four hours. Disk Two (CD) A collection of supporting articles covering in detail the practice of Emotional Literacy. $58.00 Write me for terms.

Cyberpsychology; Love, Power and Redemption in the Age of Information Machines (book) (Click Here)

Booklet: TA Made Simple(Click Here)

Emotional Literacy Training  handouts. A nine page set of handouts used for teaching emotional literacy. $3.00 You may also obtain these handouts free of charge by requesting them by e-mail (Write to buy or download)

Reprints from Transactional Analysis Journal 

    1. Emotional Literacy Training: The Application of Transactional Analysis to the Study of  Emotions. Vol 26 #1 January 1996 (pp 31-39) (Click Here)

    2. Transactional Analysis in The Information Age Vol 27 #1 January 1997 (pp 15-23) (Click Here)

    3. Transactional Analysis of Apologies Vol 30, #3 July 2000 (Click Here)

Selected issues of  Issues in Radical Therapy (Click Here)

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