I am able to offer a few, self-published items which may be of interest to you:

1. NEW! Free!! A recent revision of The Other Side of Power is available for viewing and/or downloading. Click here

2. Healing Alcoholism. Originally published in 1979  by  Grove Press. This book is a much improved version of Games Alcoholics Play but did not do very well in the book stores.  $16.00

NEW! Free!! A recent (2002) revision of Healing Alcoholism is available for viewing and/or downloading. Click here

3. Cyberpsychology; Love, Power and Redemption in the Age of Information Machines. Unpublished, letter size, spiral bound. +/- 210 pages   $16.00 Also available for downloading. Click here

3. Reprints. (1. TA and the Information Age, 2. TA and Emotional Literacy Training  3. Transactional Analysis of Apologies. 4. The Adult; Once Again with Feeling. 5. Core Concepts of a Stroke Centered Transactional Analysis.  $2.50 each (includes mailing costs) Please specify title.  

4. TA Made Simple RaPress, 1971                      $2.50 (includes mailing costs)

5. Radical Psychiatry; The second decade. Beth Roy and Claude Steiner, editors. Order directly from Beth Roy. 270 Prospect Street. San Francisco. CA,  94110   $12.00 plus mailing costs below.

6. Ten historical issues of  Issues in Radical Therapy with articles written by myself as well as other writers in the late 60's and early 70's. $10.00

8. NEW! Free!! The 2000 revision of Achieving Emotional Literacy renamed Emotional Literacy; Intelligence with a Heart can be viewed on this web (Click here) I can also e-mail it to you if you wish click here.

9. Emotional Literacy Training workshop handouts. A nine page set of handouts used for teaching emotional literacy. $3.00  (You may also obtain these materials free of charge by requesting them by e-mail :  csteiner@igc.org 

The original Avon hardcover edition of Achieving Emotional Literacy.  $16.95 plus mailing costs below.

Mailing Costs per book or ten IRT issues orders: (TA Made Simple, handouts and reprints, shipped free)

                                      $3.00 Priority Air Mail within the US.

                                      $5.00 First Class, Air Mail,  Canada

                                      $5.00 Surface World Mail (3 to 5 weeks delivery)

    Click here to order by e-mail : csteiner@igc.org (Sorry, unable to take credit cards)